My Cholesterol Health
  • Eating for Lower Cholesterol
    Eating is one of the things that can affect your cholesterol level a great deal. If you have too high cholesterol, the foods you eat can be one of the things you can control to most effectively and quickly lower your cholesterol.

  • Making Healthy Eating Better
    Studies also often show that North Americans eat far less fresh fruits and vegetables than they should eat, a fact that has often been suggested as a key cause for the higher cholesterol levels and heart disease levels - not to mention the higher rates of obesity - that North Americans face.

  • Cooking and Cholesterol
    If you want to lower your cholesterol over the next 30 days, avoid all fast-food, convenience, and prepackaged meals.

  • Two Big Secrets
    Although we may know which foods we should be turning to and which lifestyle changes we need to make, we don’t always do what is right.

  • Shop for Lower Cholesterol
    The many foods and choices available to us when we shop should make it easier to choose healthy items that we enjoy and are good for us, but often the opposite is true.

  • Learn to Read Labels
    Food labels are something you will have to pay attention to when you go shopping. Manufacturers of foods in North America are required to provide accurate information about their food products.

  • Simplify Your Shopping Cart
    Many of us don’t have a lot of time to do food shopping. With our other responsibilities and our crammed schedules, we don’t usually have the time to research our food well before we buy, and our very shopping trips may feel rushed.

  • Shopping Cheat Sheet
    When you go shopping, take the following list along with you to prompt you to make good food choices

  • Good News on Lowering Cholesterol
    In the future, medical research being done now may provide more effective solutions to elevated cholesterol levels. In the meantime, however, there are a number of ways you can use today’s newest products and innovations to lower your cholesterol.

  • Summary
    By now, you understand what cholesterol is and what you need to do to keep your cholesterol level healthy and your heart in good condition. There is a lot of information in this web site, and that is why you will want to take the time to look over parts of it again to refresh your memory and to get more ideas for lowering your cholesterol.


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