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Other remedies believed to help reduce LDL cholesterol include:

  • Vitamin E and C
  • Green Tea
  • Licorice Extract
  • Aspirin (80 mg a couple of times per week)
  • Extra Virgin Oil (1 tablespoon daily)

Herbs and other natural medicines and treatments are best recommend by natural or holistic specialists and many conventional doctors and specialists may not know a lot about herbal remedies. Some that do may not believe in their healing properties. Your doctor may be able to recommend a natural health practitioner, as this field gains increasing credibility in the medical world. However, you may need to seek out a natural or holistic specialist yourself. This can be challenging, as there are fewer professional bodies regulating these experts. To make sure that you find an expert who can really help you, try the following:

1. Ask for recommendations from friends and family, especially if they have had success with holistic experts in treating heart and cholesterol issues.

2. Look for holistic specialists that have some formal training and certification. Many holistic trainers now have medical degrees as well as some training in holistic medicine. Some even do research work. These sorts of holistic practitioners may be harder to find, but they are well worth finding, as their advanced training will help ensure that you get good healing treatment.

3. Always speak to holistic practitioners in a pre-interview before agreeing to accept their services. During this pre-interview, make sure that the natural practitioners listen to you, have a good knowledge of medicine and seem to be qualified. Ask for references. Be wary of natural practitioners that make grandiose claims, seem to advertise one brand of products heavily, offer advice that contradicts basic knowledge about human health, or practitioners that are vague or unhelpful when answering your questions.

4. Even your doctor does not agree with natural medicine, make sure that he or she knows which natural treatments you are taking. Natural and herbal products may still interact with your other medication or you may develop allergies to specific products or treatments. Keeping your doctor informed will make it easer for your doctor to help you.

5. Always ask for detailed labels or ingredient lists for all natural or holistic medicines or treatments you take. Read these carefully to make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. Also be sure to check the non-medicinal ingredients in your natural medicines.

It is important to not self doctor as herbs are potent and some people will react negatively to some herbs. Herbs and plant-based substances can be allergens and can still produce side effects, reactions, and interactions with other medicines. Herbs are not recommended as alternatives to conventional medicine without professional guidance. Always consult with a trained professional for best results.

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