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Staying Healthy - How to Check Your Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol plays an important role in everyone's life. Although cholesterol is good for you on the most part, as it filters a third of your fatty acids thru your liver, it can also be dangerous.  High levels of cholesterol can result in severe health issues. Therefore, it is important that people know how to check their cholesterol levels.

There are various ways on how to check your cholesterol levels.  It is important to know that many doctors recommend that at the age of 20, individuals should have their cholesterol checked. After the age of 20, the cholesterol levels should be checked every 5 ( five) years, if not moreso. Many doctors suggest that they can check an individuals patient levels by fasting. It is important for the patient to fast, or go without specified amounts of food and liquids ( often none), for the most accurate reading of a cholesterol level. It should be noted that if there is a call for a fasting to check the cholesterol levels, then only the HDL and overall cholesterol levels will be available. When checking your cholesterol levels, the doctor will withdrawal a certain amount of blood. This is necessary to do, as the doctor can then look at the blood and blood cells to see how much cholesterol is saturated within the bloodstream. If there is too much cholesterol, the doctor can then place you on a strict regimen of diet and exercise to drive down the cholesterol. However, the body must maintain a certain level of cholesterol as well, so if there is a low cholesterol count, the doctor may regulate a higher intake of fatty lipids ( this may be true in cases of malnourishment).  It should also be noted that your doctor must take into consideration your family history, such as other relatives with high  cholesterol levels, their ages, smoking, alcohol consumption, and other factors that will play an important role in your diagnosis.

It should be noted that factors such as your body weight, age, health, and other medicines that you are taking will play an important role in your cholesterol level readings. It is imperative that you go to a lab that your doctor chooses for the best results in checking your cholesterol levels. There are other ways that you can check your cholesterol levels, too.  There are often health fairs that are available to the public.  If you are concerned about your cholesterol levels, or are just curious as to what they are in general, that it is a good move to have your cholesterol checked at such fairs. Often times, these screenings are free, or are available for a very low price, as they are about bringing awareness about cholesterol levels to individuals.  Being proactive by checking your cholesterol levels, wither thru your doctor, or by going to a health screening, there are definite advantages of checking your cholesterol levels.

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