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By now, you understand what cholesterol is and what you need to do to keep your cholesterol level healthy and your heart in good condition. There is a lot of information in this web site, and that is why you will want to take the time to look over parts of it again to refresh your memory and to get more ideas for lowering your cholesterol.

Even though the tips and information in this web site will help lower your cholesterol in thirty days, this web site about a lot more than just a month in your life:

Lower cholesterol is a life-long commitment to better health. You need to keep working on good health to keep your cholesterol levels good and your body healthy.

The ideas in this web site aren’t just to help you get your cholesterol back to acceptable levels so that you can return to your old eating habits. The ideas in this web site are meant to help you make permanent changes in your life that can help keep you healthy for life.

Throughout this web site, you have been encouraged to ask questions and take actions that can help to improve your health. If you are not sure where to start or are feeling overwhelmed at this point, consider our fast (partial) checklist of getting started to lower cholesterol. Start doing these things today:

Get Started to Lower Cholesterol

  • See a doctor to have your cholesterol levels checked and to get personalized advice about keeping healthy.
  • Eat more fresh fruit fruits and vegetables. Make sure you get plenty of variety of these.
  • Eat fish, shellfish, and lean cuts of meat and poultry. Use low-fat dairy products.
  • Cut back on salt and fats in your cooking. Add flavor with herbs and spices. You can also add flavor by marinating foods in lemon juice, spices, or pureed fruits or vegetables.
  • Broil, bake, grill, steam, or poach your food rather than frying.
  • If you smoke, stop.
  • Exercise for twenty minutes at least every other day.
  • Get your body to a healthy body weight.
  • Check food labels - buy foods that are low in fats, and have few saturated and trans-fats.
  • Eat in more often. Learn to prepare your own low-fat and heart-healthy meals that you enjoy.
  • If you do eat out, choose the plainest and leanest foods you can. Ask for dressings and sauces on the side or ask them to be left out entirely.
  • Eat reasonable portions of foods.
  • Follow your doctor’s directions about cholesterol treatment as precisely as you can.
  • Learn all you can about cholesterol and healthy eating so that you can make better choices.
  • Make eating healthy more convenient by making low-fat and heart-healthy snacks and meals available in your home.
  • Get rid of high-fat and unhealthy foods in your home and replace them with tasty but healthy foods that are good and good for you.
  • Keep a cholesterol diary that details your foods, your exercise, your cholesterol treatment, your symptoms, your questions, and your progress. Update it daily to have an accurate reflection of your actions.

These tips are a good place to start as you slowly start implementing the many ideas in this web site that can help you lower your cholesterol. These tips can start you on your 30 days and your entire lifetime of lowered cholesterol.

Remember that your doctor may well give any treatment for lowering cholesterol up to three months to work before deciding whether a treatment works or not. You deserve to give yourself a similar gift of time by giving yourself the opportunity to enjoy the many benefits that a heart-healthy diet and lifestyle can bring.

Start taking the steps you need to take to get your cholesterol in reasonable limits today!

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