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The Multiple Benefits of Low Cholesterol

It has long been speculated that cholesterol can in fact be good for you. In some ways, cholesterol is beneficial, and in fact is a must to help regulate the fatty plaque found in arteries from building up.  There are two cholesterol factors that come into play; LDL, which is the dangerous and artery clogging form of cholesterol, and HDL , which is the beneficial cholesterol.

There are many good benefits of having low cholesterol.  For starters, when cholesterol builds up in the arteries that lead to the heart, there is a high potential for a clot, resulting in a heart attack. The same goes for the arteries leading to the brain, causing a stroke.  There is approximately one third of the body's cholesterol levels that are actually good for you, so it is important to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

There are various ways to keep low cholesterol levels.  Having a healthy diet is one of the main factors for beneficial low cholesterol. Foods that are low or null of fats and grease, and are rich in natural vitamins and fibers are very healthy for your cholesterol levels.  Just as food is important, so are the liquids that are consumed. It is important to drink a lot of water throughout the day, not only to keep hydrated, but to also keep cholesterol levels under control.  Not only can sodas and other sugar laden drinks greatly effect your cholesterol, but alcohol can as well. When alcohol breaks down in the body, there are sugars that are formed, many of which can not be excreted thru the liver ( LDL cholesterol).  The remaining sugars then sit in the body, and accumulate over time, causing high cholesterol levels. Therefore, maintaining a balanced and healthy diet can be beneficial for low cholesterol levels.

Another very important aspect of keeping low cholesterol is to maintain a regulated exercise routine. Exercising, as well as keeping a balanced diet is ultimately the best way to keep low cholesterol levels. Benefits of low cholesterol can lead to a longer life, a healthier life, and a fuller life overall. Other benefits of low cholesterol levels, such as maintaining a healthy weight and BMI, can ween off many health conditions, such as heart disease. Additional factors, such as being a non-smoker, and a non-drinker can definitely show many benefits of low cholesterol.  Overall, taking good care of yourself can reap the many benefits of low cholesterol.

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